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Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations 2017

Date Published: 
June 9, 2017

From research on elopement to school services, IAN's project team and collaborators have presented their research at scientific conferences in 2017. Select the links to download and view these presentations. At scientific meetings, research posters summarize study findings and are used to stimulate discussion. During a presentation, the researcher speaks and uses slides, often in PowerPoint, to illustrate his/her findings.

2017 International Meeting for Autism Research

Age-Based Patterns of Parent-Reported Medical and Behavioral Problems in Children and Adolescents with ASD
A.R. Marvin, J.K. Law, D.J. Marvin, and P.H. Lipkin

Barriers to Technology Inclusion: Teens with ASD and Typically-Developing Peers
C.A. Cohen and A.R. Marvin

Impact of Household Income and Urbanicity on School Services
B.L. Baer, A.R. Marvin, P.H. Lipkin, J.K. Law

Parent Concerns and Screen-Based Media: Teens with ASD and Typically-Developing Peers
C.A. Cohen and A.R. Marvin

Prevention of Elopement-Related Injuries in Children with ASD
A. Andersen, J.K. Law, A.R. Marvin, P.H. Lipkin

Simons Simplex Collection at the Interactive Autism Network: An Online Follow-up Study
E. Brooks, J.S.Toroney, P. Feliciano, L. Green-Snyder, J.K. Law, C.L. White-Lehman, P.H. Lipkin, and W.K. Chung

Willingness of Mothers of Individuals with ASD to Engage in Mobile Health Research
J.S.Toroney, J.K. Law, A.R. Marvin, S. Dhingra, E. Simoes, and P.H. Lipkin

User Experience DC Conference 2017

Designing for Teens and Adults with Autism: Busting Myths and Taking Down Barriers
C.A. Cohen

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