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Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations 2018

Date Published: 
May 22, 2018

From research on suicide to mobile health participation, the IAN team and collaborators are presenting their research at scientific conferences in 2018. Select the links to download and view these presentations. At scientific meetings, research posters summarize study findings and are used to stimulate discussion. During a presentation, the researcher speaks and uses slides, often in PowerPoint, to illustrate his/her findings.

2018 International Meeting for Autism Research

Suicide Screening in Neurodevelopmental and Autism Clinics: Early Data and Implications
S. Rybczynski, P.H. Lipkin, and R.A Vasa

  • Presentation

Evaluating Maternal Participation in Mobile Health Research
J.S. Toroney, J.K. Law, S. Dhingra, R. Ellis, and P.H. Lipkin

Factors Affecting the Global Health Status of Children with ASD: An Analysis of PROMIS Pediatric Global Health Parent-Proxy Data from the Interactive Autism Network
A.R. Marvin, P. H. Lipkin, and J. K. Law

SPARK Research Match: A Platform to Accelerate Research by Matching SPARK Participants with New Autism Studies
C.L. White-Lehman, J.K. Law, J.S. Toroney, B. Vernoia, P. Feliciano, and W.K. Chung

  • Poster (PDF)

Suicidal Ideation and Behaviors in Children, Youth, and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Rates & Outcomes based on parent-report of 992 individuals with ASD
B. L. Baer, J. K. Law, L. Kalb, A.R. Marvin, R.A. Vasa, H.C. Wilcox, and P. H. Lipkin

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