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What We Know About Autism: A TED Talk Featuring IAN

Date Published: 
April 28, 2014

View Dr. Wendy Chung’s TED talk:

Dr. Wendy Chung, the director of clinical research at the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI), presented What We Know About Autism to those gathered in Vancouver, Canada, for the TED2014 conference on March 19, 2014. TED Talks are given by innovators in science, medicine, technology, design, and the arts.

Her presentation explored the causes of autism, the reasons for increased autism prevalence, sex differences in autism, the importance of early detection for the best chance at intervention, and the future of treatments.

Dr. Chung emphasized to TED attendees that while the science of autism is advancing, more progress and more active participation in research are needed. She stressed the importance of building a robust community focused on identifying the important issues in autism research and asked interested parties to join the Interactive Autism Network (IAN).

“The TED talk was a wonderful opportunity to take the creativity and energy of the TED community and partner it with the insight and experiences of families with autism to identify new opportunities to improve the lives of individuals and families living with autism,” Chung said.

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