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Families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder play a critical role in helping researchers and clinicians better understand the disorder. Find out how you can participate in Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Research in a secure, online setting. By participating, you can help make new discoveries and empower advocates to improve the lives of children and adults with ASD.

Thursday, April 14th 2016

Nearly half of the children with autism leave safe spaces. Help IAN learn more by taking part in our new Elopement Patterns and Caregiver Strategies Research Study.

Friday, April 8th 2016

Watch this video to learn about IAN and its importance for families, individuals with autism, and researchers.

Friday, April 8th 2016

To celebrate our 10th birthday, we look back on the past ten years and the road to becoming the nation's participant-powered autism research network.

Thursday, April 7th 2016

How hard is it to find doctors and psychologists who understand autism in adults?

Tuesday, March 8th 2016

Children are being diagnosed with autism at earlier ages than a generation ago, but still not as soon as they can be. Early diagnosis is important because it leads to early intervention, which lessens the challenges of autism. Find out how to seek a diagnosis and intervention for a child suspected of having autism.

Sunday, February 21st 2016

View this recorded webinar with Beth Ann Malow, MD, MS, a nationally-recognized expert on the sleep problems of people with autism and other conditions.

Thursday, February 4th 2016

Parents report that their child's autistic behaviors, combined with social stigma and isolation, make their lives more challenging, according to a new study of the Simons Simplex Collection. Many families say they feel socially isolated or rejected, while some of their children are bullied and teased because of autism.

Wednesday, January 27th 2016

How many people shed their autism diagnosis, either for another diagnosis or no diagnosis at all? What do the largest studies say, and why do parents believe their children lost an autism diagnosis? Their answers may surprise you.

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